Appointments are reserved specifically for you. As a courtesy to myself and to other clients who might want your appointment time, let me know if you will be unable to keep your appointment. If you do not cancel at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of your appointment, you agree to pay the cost of your session (45 minute sessions are $125; hour sessions are $150). I can grant an exception in the rare case of an emergency (i.e. driving ban) or circumstances beyond your control (i.e. car accident). Clients who miss their appointment without notification or who develop a pattern of canceling might be asked to pre-pay future sessions or service might not be provided. This also applies to rescheduling appointments.

$150 per initial consultation and 60-minute sessions.

$125 per 45-minute session.

Cancellation without 48-business hour advanced notice/Missed appointment fee: $150 for hour session; $125 for 45-minute session.

* Please, note that the reason behind the missed appointment and cancellation policy is to protect the provider’s time, not to penalize you financially. If you are wondering why you should pay for the services you have not received, consider that when you make an appointment with the provider, you are booking the provider’s time that is no longer available for scheduling. Your session time is reserved/booked for you. I am rarely able to fill a cancelled session unless I know in advance. If you do not show for a session or cancel with little notice, I will have to charge you for the lost time.

Payment Responsibility:

Payment in full is due at the beginning of each session. I accept cash, check or credit cards.

Please note that all rates are subject to change; rates agreed upon at the outset of therapy will remain in effect until the next calendar year. I realize that my fees involve a substantial amount of money, although they are well in line with similar professionals’ charges.

*I do not accept insurance as a form of payment (refer to Why self-pay for additional information). Some people I work with prefer to use their insurances’ out of network benefits. This means you paying up front and submitting a receipt that I provide you to your insurance company and getting partially/fully reimbursed directly from them. Feel free to ask me any questions about this process- I know it can be confusing!